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Trig Web Design is an American web design company located in Manchester New Hampshire that specializes in web design, e-commerce, web development and SEO / internet marketing. Headed by computer “Guru” Charlie Trig, they specialize in WordPress and Joomla CMS web design, web development, and E-Commerce systems, custom designed from award-winning themes to make your website stand out from the crowd. Trig Web Design creates top notch websites with excellent customer service. Something it also maintains is a wonderfully informative blog that covers a range of topics. Their most recent post, “WHAT DOES MY WEBMASTER DO ALL DAY?” is a look into the average day of a busy hardworking webmaster. A real eyeopener to those who think that sitting in front of a computer all day is a walk in the park. Other topics discussed are “LOCAL SEO EXPOSED”, “SOCIAL NETWORKING, THE NEW SCAM”, and “HOW DOES BLOGGING IMPROVE SEO?”. Many of the blogs are short and to the point yet informative and for our busy lives, that’s a perfect combination! So if you are in the need of a responsive, beautifully designed website or want an inside look at what it takes to make one then check out

Everlastings Flowers Floral Preservation Services

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It’s officially Spring!

You have firmed up all your wedding plan details and are ready for your big day. You spent a lot of time and thought choosing just the right flowers for yourself, your attendants, your Husband -to-be and everyone else in your wedding party. Your guests are going to love the perfect arrangements you have selected for your reception. Yes. You are definitely all set for you big day, as far as flowers go. What about after the wedding? Have you thought about what you are going to do with all those special floral arrangements you spent so much thoughtful energy on? Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep some of them, especially your Bridal Bouquet, Forever! Everlastings Flowers can do just that for you. We can take your bridal bouquet, your wedding party flowers and even some of your other floral arrangements and preserve them for you to enjoy for a lifetime!
Everlastings Flowers specializes in preserving wedding and memorial/sympathy flowers. Barbara Gaffney, the founder and owner of “Everlastings Flowers” has for over 20 years adopted her own preferred method of pressing and drying flowers. The preservation processes does not require expensive freeze drying or bulky domed framing. At Everlastings Barbara carefully presses and dries each flower, tastefully designs them on mat board or tile, then vacuum seals them for an airtight presentation. As an added bonus the customer may also include their invitation, special wording, a prayer card or photograph free of charge making it the perfect keepsake that will last a lifetime!
A little History…
Barbara was chosen in 1997 as one of only 14 Americans to participate in “The 1st International Pressed Flower Exhibition” in Nagano, Japan. She participated in 1998 in a touring exhibition throughout Japan. Ms. Gaffney has also entered into competition at the Royal Horticulturist Society, in Westminster England (June 2001). The International Pressed Flower Art Society hosted this event which is officially part of the “Japan Art of Oshibana Exhibition”.
“The Japanese have brought our craft to a new level. With their love of nature, their spirituality, combined with new methods and materials, pressed flower craft is fast emerging as a true art form.”
Barbara Gaffney
Everlastings Flowers have invested in Japanese flower presses that will help the flowers dry with a high degree of color and delicacy. Although Everlastings employs others to help run the studio, the final artwork is done entirely by Ms. Gaffney to insure the highest quality in design.

If you have a wedding, an anniversary, a special occasion or memorial flowers that you would like to preserve as a keepsake for many years to come, visit
Everlastings Flowers to view and samples of Barbara’s work and affordable pricing!

Flutterby 6

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Awesome blog! For those of us who have kids and know what a challenge they can be sometimes. We love them just the same and can never imagine life without them.

Lisa Sadikman

“I’m Lisa – writer, essayist, coffee enthusiast, 80s aficionado, daughter, sister, wife and mom to three girls. In the everyday chaos that is parenting a teen, a tween and a preschooler, managing marriage and living a grown up life, I’m learning to slow down, make room and find ease in being right where I am: squarely in the middle.”

So if you have kids check out Flutterby 6. It’s a little piece of sanity and a whole lot of information for the busy Mom (or Dad) on the go!

Divine Designs is now on Twitter!

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Divine Designs on Twitter

So I guess I’m getting into the social media thing! Just couldn’t resist seeing what all the hubbub was about Twitter so I decided to see it for myself.  I made my first tweet today. Even posted a picture of my latest bracelet! It was so easy and kind of fun. Still don’t quite understand what a hashtag is but I’m sure to figure it out pretty quick. Wish me luck and if you tweet, follow me and I will follow you too!
#birdysaystweet?;) I’m trying….

In search of the Elusive Granite Bead!

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Finding granite beads is not an easy task. Living in New Hampshire, otherwise known as the “Granite State”, one might think it would be very simple to find beads made of granite. We are surrounded by the stuff after all! My yard is a virtual treasure trove of white, black and all shades of granite. However when i search online for beads made of granite all I can find are antique African beads that are quite frankly out of my price range! if i cannot buy them then why not make them myself?! I haven’t a clue as to how to form solid granite into the beautiful round uniform beads I know it can be. What tools do i need? How much space does the equipment require? How much would it cost per bead to make them? I don’t know even where to start.

So, if I cannot buy them nor make them myself then maybe I can find someone who would be willing to craft the beads for me. I could even supply and ship the granite to them. However, the service of bead crafting is not an easy one to find either!

Is there anyone out there that can help me in my quest for the elusive granite beads? Is there anyone out there willing to craft them for me at a reasonable price?

If you know of anyone who sells or can craft some for me I would be more than happy to make you a one of a kind design of your choice with them free of charge!;)

Wish me luck as I continue on my treasure hunt. Onward!

Little Diva’s Collection. Preteen bracelet and earring sets for the little diva in your life!

Little Diva's Collection. Preteen bracelet and earring sets for the little diva in your life!

Welcome my new line of jewelry inspired by my own little Diva daughters! Made for the saucy preteen in your life this set of earrings and matching bracelet will be sure to get a sqeal of delight out of any little girl!

Available in sterling ear wires for pierced little ears and sterling clip ons for those who haven’t taken that step yet.

Beautiful dangle earrings, a Valentine's day gift idea

Valentine’s Day

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Just in time for Valentine’s day! Flaming red Swarovski crystal beads and silver accents jeweled with shimmering tiny white Swarovski crystals make these earring perfect as a gift for that special someone.

These earrings are part of my Black Tie Collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets focused on adding that special sparkle and drama to your jewelry collection!:)

Add the matching bracelet to complement your look. Complete the set with the matching necklace for that special event coming up!

Stop by Divine Designs by Julez today to see what’s new for valentine’s day!

I have been a photographer for over 25 years!

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I have been a photographer for over 25 years!

“Photography can be a channel of expression in ways that exceed the visual senses. As with other mediums of art it can excite our sense of smell with the bright pedals of a flower or invite or sense of touch with a soft curve, a sharp corner or a rough texture. Photography can explode in the memory of our mouths the crisp tang of a hot chili pepper. It can compose in our minds a melody of dancing shadows and light.

Photography also records precious moments in time. Moments otherwise lost forever except for in our own memories. However even memories can fade and the details may become hazy or lost. Photographic images created at that moment in time can be reconstructed and restored to it’s former beauty.

This is what I love to do; To create new memories and to try to restore those faded by time.

Photography can be more than an image on a piece of film or data in a computer; it can be an expression of ourselves, our memories and of the world around us!”

Pendant made with a shard of blue willow wire wrapped with fresh water pearl and swarovski elements

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Pendant made with a shard of blue willow wire wrapped with fresh water pearl and swarovski elements

This pedant is one of a few i attempted as a gift for a friend of mine who collects blue willow china. I think it turned out pretty well though i hope in the future to learn how to set the willow in a real bezel of solid sterling silver.

Welcome to my studio!

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Welcome! Today I decided to start a blog. All my life, for as far back as I can remember, I have been an artist of some sort. Drawing, painting, sewing, crafting, woodworking…you name it I’ve tried it.  In college I started out  a fine arts major.  I quickly became burnt out in the traditional fine arts. I guess it was kind of a writer’s block but for someone who drew instead of wrote. I just couldn’t draw a thing!
Then I found photography and my creative world shifted. I earned my degree in photography and have shown my work in many art shows including a local art museum as part of a group of other aspiring artists. My life centered on my photography and my focus was photography.  However, when my son was born photography was beginning to change by leaps and bounds as the digital age came upon us. By the time my third was born, photography had changed so much I barely recognized it anymore. That was ok. I now had three different little priorities in my life. They were now the center of my life and demanded all my focus and time. However, by the time all three were in school I found myself in desperate need of a creative outlet.
While cleaning one day I found a tool box full of bead weaving stuff and decided to pick it up again. I quickly went from weaving, to stringing, to wirework and before I knew it I had more jewelry than I knew what to do with. I started giving them as gifts to my family and friends and as a result they encouraged me to try to sell my work. I stumbled upon Etsy while surfing the web for venues and the rest is history!
I almost never sketch out a design. I am inspired by my materials.  Usually a certain bead or a twist or curve of wire will spark a fury of “let’s try this” and “let’s try that” and lots of putting together and taking apart and putting together again until finally the piece is finished.  I strive to make everything I create one of a kind and try never to repeat a design.
My kids are still my priority.  My daughter has even inspired my newest line of jewelry, The Little Diva’s Collection. She wants her ears pierced so badly that I decided to make her a pair of “training” earrings using clip-on findings. She loved them so much I was told I must make a pair for her friend’s birthday. I included a matching bracelet and the collection idea was born!
My next step on this journey is to learn how to metal smith.  I want to cast my own rings and manipulate metal. I love art nouveau jewelry and want to try my hand at crafting such masterful pieces. I’ll let you know how that goes.;)

I hope to share current and past projects, share photos, and relay information that has been helpful to me in my creative endeavors.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back again soon! Have a beautiful day!