Custom Jewelry Design

“My custom handmade jewelry is inspired by the world around me. I love the little things in life and enjoy creating one of a kind pieces for the jewelry collector that wants something no one else has. From the simple beauty of tiny swirls of color in a bead or the way a piece of wire can be molded by my hands into organic shapes .These little details are what gets my creative juices flowing.”

Julia E Swierz ©2016

Handmade Jewelry

While cleaning one day I found a tool box full of bead weaving jewelry supplies that I had when I was a child. Along with the supplies were few unfinished projects that I had started. My creativity was sparked so I decided to finish them. I quickly went from weaving, to stringing, to wirework and before I knew it I had more jewelry than I knew what to do with. I started giving them as gifts to my family and friends and as a result they encouraged me to try to sell my work. I stumbled upon Etsy while surfing the web for venues and opened an online shop. I also participated in crafts shows and rented space in a local shop in the mall, Manchester Craft Market.
I never sketch out a design. I am inspired by my materials. Usually a certain bead or a twist or curve of wire will spark a fury of “let’s try this” and “let’s try that” and lots of putting together and taking apart and putting together again until finally the piece is finished. I strive to to create unique pieces and collections.
My next step on this journey is to learn how to metal smith. I want to cast my own rings and manipulate metal. I love art nouveau jewelry and want to try my hand at crafting such masterful pieces.
Interested in seeing what I have created, Come visit my shop on Etsy!

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