Everlastings Flowers Floral Preservation Services

Everlastings Flowers Floral Preservation Services

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It’s officially Spring!

You have firmed up all your wedding plan details and are ready for your big day. You spent a lot of time and thought choosing just the right flowers for yourself, your attendants, your Husband -to-be and everyone else in your wedding party. Your guests are going to love the perfect arrangements you have selected for your reception. Yes. You are definitely all set for you big day, as far as flowers go. What about after the wedding? Have you thought about what you are going to do with all those special floral arrangements you spent so much thoughtful energy on? Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep some of them, especially your Bridal Bouquet, Forever! Everlastings Flowers can do just that for you. We can take your bridal bouquet, your wedding party flowers and even some of your other floral arrangements and preserve them for you to enjoy for a lifetime!
Everlastings Flowers specializes in preserving wedding and memorial/sympathy flowers. Barbara Gaffney, the founder and owner of “Everlastings Flowers” has for over 20 years adopted her own preferred method of pressing and drying flowers. The preservation processes does not require expensive freeze drying or bulky domed framing. At Everlastings Barbara carefully presses and dries each flower, tastefully designs them on mat board or tile, then vacuum seals them for an airtight presentation. As an added bonus the customer may also include their invitation, special wording, a prayer card or photograph free of charge making it the perfect keepsake that will last a lifetime!
A little History…
Barbara was chosen in 1997 as one of only 14 Americans to participate in “The 1st International Pressed Flower Exhibition” in Nagano, Japan. She participated in 1998 in a touring exhibition throughout Japan. Ms. Gaffney has also entered into competition at the Royal Horticulturist Society, in Westminster England (June 2001). The International Pressed Flower Art Society hosted this event which is officially part of the “Japan Art of Oshibana Exhibition”.
“The Japanese have brought our craft to a new level. With their love of nature, their spirituality, combined with new methods and materials, pressed flower craft is fast emerging as a true art form.”
Barbara Gaffney
Everlastings Flowers have invested in Japanese flower presses that will help the flowers dry with a high degree of color and delicacy. Although Everlastings employs others to help run the studio, the final artwork is done entirely by Ms. Gaffney to insure the highest quality in design.

If you have a wedding, an anniversary, a special occasion or memorial flowers that you would like to preserve as a keepsake for many years to come, visit
Everlastings Flowers to view and samples of Barbara’s work and affordable pricing!

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