In search of the Elusive Granite Bead!

In search of the Elusive Granite Bead!

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Finding granite beads is not an easy task. Living in New Hampshire, otherwise known as the “Granite State”, one might think it would be very simple to find beads made of granite. We are surrounded by the stuff after all! My yard is a virtual treasure trove of white, black and all shades of granite. However when i search online for beads made of granite all I can find are antique African beads that are quite frankly out of my price range! if i cannot buy them then why not make them myself?! I haven’t a clue as to how to form solid granite into the beautiful round uniform beads I know it can be. What tools do i need? How much space does the equipment require? How much would it cost per bead to make them? I don’t know even where to start.

So, if I cannot buy them nor make them myself then maybe I can find someone who would be willing to craft the beads for me. I could even supply and ship the granite to them. However, the service of bead crafting is not an easy one to find either!

Is there anyone out there that can help me in my quest for the elusive granite beads? Is there anyone out there willing to craft them for me at a reasonable price?

If you know of anyone who sells or can craft some for me I would be more than happy to make you a one of a kind design of your choice with them free of charge!;)

Wish me luck as I continue on my treasure hunt. Onward!