Welcome to my studio!

Welcome to my studio!

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Welcome! Today I decided to start a blog. All my life, for as far back as I can remember, I have been an artist of some sort. Drawing, painting, sewing, crafting, woodworking…you name it I’ve tried it.  In college I started out  a fine arts major.  I quickly became burnt out in the traditional fine arts. I guess it was kind of a writer’s block but for someone who drew instead of wrote. I just couldn’t draw a thing!
Then I found photography and my creative world shifted. I earned my degree in photography and have shown my work in many art shows including a local art museum as part of a group of other aspiring artists. My life centered on my photography and my focus was photography.  However, when my son was born photography was beginning to change by leaps and bounds as the digital age came upon us. By the time my third was born, photography had changed so much I barely recognized it anymore. That was ok. I now had three different little priorities in my life. They were now the center of my life and demanded all my focus and time. However, by the time all three were in school I found myself in desperate need of a creative outlet.
While cleaning one day I found a tool box full of bead weaving stuff and decided to pick it up again. I quickly went from weaving, to stringing, to wirework and before I knew it I had more jewelry than I knew what to do with. I started giving them as gifts to my family and friends and as a result they encouraged me to try to sell my work. I stumbled upon Etsy while surfing the web for venues and the rest is history!
I almost never sketch out a design. I am inspired by my materials.  Usually a certain bead or a twist or curve of wire will spark a fury of “let’s try this” and “let’s try that” and lots of putting together and taking apart and putting together again until finally the piece is finished.  I strive to make everything I create one of a kind and try never to repeat a design.
My kids are still my priority.  My daughter has even inspired my newest line of jewelry, The Little Diva’s Collection. She wants her ears pierced so badly that I decided to make her a pair of “training” earrings using clip-on findings. She loved them so much I was told I must make a pair for her friend’s birthday. I included a matching bracelet and the collection idea was born!
My next step on this journey is to learn how to metal smith.  I want to cast my own rings and manipulate metal. I love art nouveau jewelry and want to try my hand at crafting such masterful pieces. I’ll let you know how that goes.;)

I hope to share current and past projects, share photos, and relay information that has been helpful to me in my creative endeavors.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back again soon! Have a beautiful day!

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